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Program Director Responsibilities

pdf Timelines, guidelines and statistics are available for download as Adobe PDF documents.

Computer Matching Timelines



Dietetic Internship Program Director Responsibilities

All computer matching information, including the computer matching dates with deadlines, is available on the Academy/ACEND website.



DI Program Directors are responsible for providing potential applicants with detailed instructions and all necessary application materials.

The instructions should include, but need not be limited to the following:

  • A copy of the Applicant Responsibilities for the Application, Computer Matching and Appointment Procedures.
  • Directions for completing applications with clear statements as to whether photocopies of materials will be accepted.
  • Date that applications must be postmarked.
  • Selection criteria.
  • Policy on return of application materials.
  • Request for phone number and address where applicants can be reached, if necessary, on Appointment Day.
  • Directions for obtaining computer matching instructions from D&D Digital. Applicants must submit the $50 computer matching fee and prioritized list of selected dietetic internships online on the D&D Digital Web site by the designated deadline dates.
  • Instructions and contact information (phone, email, fax) for contacting the DI Program Director on Appointment Day to confirm acceptance of a match.



DI Directors review applications, but do not communicate information about selection status to applicants. All communications regarding results of the application and appointment process must come from D&D on the established notification dates in April and November.

DI Directors should:

  • Submit a prioritized list of acceptable applicants to D&D Digital. This can be done online on the D&D Digital Web site or by the established deadline date (refer to Computer Matching Calendar for each match period).
  • Consider providing permission to allow advertising of unmatched DI positions on the D&D Digital Web site.
  • Telephone D&D Digital if computer matching results are not received via e-mail on Notification Day.



  • DI Directors are responsible for receiving confirmation from matched applicants on or before Appointment Day. If matched applicants leave a message, please confirm receipt of the message with them.
  • If all positions are not filled, DI Directors may appoint interns on an individual basis. Programs with openings will receive a list of applicants not matched to any program that have signed an information release card by e-mail the day after Appointment Day. Program Directors may not discuss open positions with potential applicants or DPD directors until the day programs with open positions are posted on the D&D Digital Web site (the day after Appointment Day).
  • In attempting to fill unmatched positions, the DI Director must ensure that positions are not being offered to applicants who have received a match to another program. Refer to the list of unmatched applicants received from D&D Digital and do not hesitate to question applicants about their availability. It creates much “ill will” if matched applicants decline their matched position to accept a position at another program with an opening.
  • DI Directors must ensure that they receive an official transcript documenting completion of the bachelor’s degree and a DPD Verification Statement from each matched applicant before he/she begins the DI Program.